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about us
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Fast for the Planet emerged out of a sense that the challenge presented by the ecological crisis demands the engagement of our entire being - an engagement that is intellectual, but not just intellectual - it is also an engagement of our hearts and our bodies. It is an engagement that must transform our inner-most landscape and deepest conditioning. And this sense emerged out of a knowing that not only is this possible, but that this is a journey towards being more fully human, more ourselves.

As a basic quality of life is interconnectedness, this process within is inseparable from the undoing of the external structures that are also playing their part in holding the status quo; so that as we and they, are transformed, the foundation develops for a future that is not only more wholesome, but is also our birthright.

Any new concept is informed by its own set of circumstances, events and interactions, and hence nobody can claim sole credit. The Fast for the Planet concept emerged near the end of 2007 shortly after the Bali Climate talks. It was initiated by Muzammal Hussain of Wisdom In Nature (originally named LINE) and co-organised with Helen Gilbert. New projects often have fragile beginnings, and thus we are especially grateful to the following people for their early words of wisdom and encouragement, that helped give the idea the space and nurturing to grow. They are (in alphabetical order): Mohamad Chakaki (Green Muslims, Washington DC), Peter Challen (Christian Council for Monetary Justice), Elizabeth Chawdhary (Wisdom In Nature), Tarek El Diwany (author, 'The Problem with Interest'), Shumaisa Khan (Wisdom In Nature) and Jeffrey Newman.

Of course there are many others who have contributed in subtle ways, and others who are yet to do so as the project evolves, gains strength and co-exists with neighbouring processes and movements of its time. There are many possibilities, and we look forward to your company on this journey.


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