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Fast for the Planet allows for two kinds of movements. A movement towards, and a movement away from. This will now be explained:

The practise of fasting from food is in one sense usually a practise of temporarily 'letting go' of a need that is essential to our survival. By voluntarily letting go of such a need, we are taking a form of direct action that cultivates our ability to let go of patterns and entities that are not only not essential to our survival, but in the longer run are undermining it. The fact that we have a need to strengthen this collective ability demonstrates the grip that these life-destructive patterns and entities can have on human societies. Equally, the scale and pace of the destruction that is taking place points to the immense importance of taking responsibility right now.



Moving away from

Through Fast for the Planet, we are thus expressing an intention to move away from our collective submission to:

i) corporate domination;
ii) consumerism;
iii) the dominant, interest-based and fictitious monetary-system;
iv) and of course, our dependence on fossil fuels.



Moving towards

Simultaneously we are strengthening an intention that moves us towards alternatives that are much more wholesome:

i) the practise of fasting in itself facilitates an inner movement that activates more of our inner resources and human potential;

Fast for the Planet, in its wider form, includes an associated intention to move:

ii) towards simplicity, sharing and community building;
iii) towards economic systems that are nurturing to life, soul and community;
iv) towards non-polluting energy, and sustainable use of the earth's resources.


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